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The English School of Falconry has recently become an Approved Admin Point (AAP) for the Lantra award for beginning falconry. Having completed a course Phil and Emma Gooden are now approved assessors for the award.
The Lantra Award is now available in conjunction with our 2 and 5 day falconry courses and our 10 month evening course.

How it started
Lantra Awards and the Hawk Board have together developed and launched an award for the would-be falconers and bird of prey keepers along with Lantra SSC the Sector Skills Council for the Land Based and Environmental Sector, ensuring that it was tailored to all falconry and bird of prey keeping needs.

The award has been developed by Lantra Awards with the assistance of falconers throughout the UK, who have helped to define the body of knowledge and practical skills required. It is a formal award intended for those who are new to falconry, or those who wish to keep raptors and/or owls. The award is approved by the Hawk Board and is administered by Lantra Awards.

What the award consists of
The award assumes that candidates have no previous knowledge or experience and covers all aspects of falconry and keeping birds of prey. The award is granted to those candidates who are able to demonstrate an understanding of the relevant background knowledge, and those practical skills necessary to keep a bird of prey in a healthy and happy condition. The award consists of two units:

Unit 1Bird of Prey Management and Husbandry
Module 1 Housing
Module 2 Hygiene
Module 3 Feeding and food preparation
Module 4 Health
Module 5 Species suitability and legislation

Unit 2 Basic Falconry Techniques
Module 6 Purchasing your first bird
Module 7 Essential equipment
Module 8 Picking up and carrying
Module 9 Feeding and manning
Module 10 Weighing and weight management
Module 11 Flying to the fist

For more information on our courses and the Lantra Award please call 01234 742362 or 01234 742766


Summer Afternoon Tea with Owls - September 25th and October 4th 11.30am and 2.00pm

Enjoy our summer afternoon tea with the owls, they are held at 11.30pm and 2.00pm. Spend some time in the wonderful company of our owls, during the experience you will have the opportunity to handle and free fly some of the most beautiful owls from around the owl. Fall in love with the Barn Owl, Tawny Owl, Great Grey Owl, Eagle Owl, and more, great opportunity to get some souvenier photos. This is followed by enjoying afternoon tea, sit back and relax and enjoy an array of delicous cakes. This experience lasts for approxamatly an hour and a half. Includes entry into the bird of prey centre all day!

£15.00 per person

Thsi experience must be pre-booked, for more information or to book your tickets please call 01234 742362 or 01234 742766.

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