The Bird of Prey centre and Activity Farm is home to over 200 birds of prey and animals, which makes it the perfect place for your school to visit. Raising awareness and educating our future generations is an important aspect of our work.

dreamstime_xl_18931177We welcome school/youth groups to the centre where they can learn about our many species of birds of prey and animals, their habits and their habitats. With over 200 birds and animals on display, talks, flying displays, animal encounters and opportunities to handle the birds there will be plenty of activities to keep pupils engaged. Alternatively we offer outreach visits where a falconer from the centre will visit with a selection of owls birds or animals.

School/Youth Visits to the centre

Herrings Green Activity Farm school trip gives you full access to all of the animal and bird of prey activities. Getting close to animals s a memorable experience for all children, we are able to design a programme which suits your school's needs.

D_Harbar_Photography_BofP_Dec2015_044What's included:

  • Full entry into Herrings Green Farm and Bird of Prey Centre.
  • Opportunity for children to hold an owl.
  • Guided tour of the farm, meeting the animals.
  • Bird of prey flying display.
  • Pat a pet - meet the rabbits and guinea pigs.
  • Animal and critter show.
  • Freda's milking parlour.
  • Have a go at flying an owl.
  • Quiz sheet (one between two children)
  • An indoor and outdoor picnic area.
  • FREE planning visit for trip organisers to carry out risk assessments.

D_Harbar_Photography_BofP_Dec2015_026In between or after the scheduled activities you are welcome to view the farm and bird of prey centre and discover all the other activities. There is a gift shop on site which offers a range of gifts, alternatively we offer a stationary set for £2.00 per child which can be pre-ordered before your visit.


£4.00 per child up to forty children, £3.00 per child over forty children

One adult free with every five children

D_Harbar_Photography_BofP_Dec2015_050Additional adults £7.50 per person.


Outreach Visits

We have been visiting schools for many years and we believe the best way of learning about birds of prey and retaining the knowledge is by seeing them up close. We are able to cater our visits to children of all ages, our visit will include:

- A choice of birds from: Owls, native species of birds or a variety of species including owls, hawks, eagles and falcons.

- A talk on each of the species.

- Free flying display of some of the species.

- Question and answer time.

D_Harbar_Photography_BofP_Dec2015_075Talks are tailored to the specific needs of each class covering different subjects such as habitat, conservation, food chains, adaptations and night and day. The birds can be a focus in Art, Geaography, History projects and an inspiration for creative writing.


For more information on booking your school visit and cost please contact us on 01234 742362 or 01234 742766.

FREE Teachers packs available to download here (pdf/688kB).