Beasts & Birds Photography Training Workshop July 14th & September 4th 9.30am – 4.00pm

Beasts & Birds Photography Training Workshop July 14th & September 4th 9.30am – 4.00pm


Product Description

Our brand new photography day will include professional tuition from Darren Harbar, who has been running photography training days for many years. The day will include a great deal of practical photography, with scenarios set up especially for your cameras. Darren will cover a short period of classroom time, when he will explain how best to set and use your camera, before being on hand to help and guide you through the day. Your subjects will include some of our fascinating creatures like the giant Tortoise, Hedgehogs and farm animals before you progress onto photographing flying birds of prey.

Who is it for?

It is advisable that you have a basic understanding of your camera, although Darren will help to explain elements like aperture, shutter speeds and ISO. The Workshop will cater for beginner and enthusiast DSLR photographers. It’s perfect for those who have a new DSLR camera, or anyone who is stuck in auto settings and wishes to learn more about being creative. More advanced users may well also benefit from the workshop, and enjoy some special photographic opportunities. The workshop does involve a fair amount of walking, which includes uneven surfaces and grass meadows. There will also be situations where you may wish to lay down or crouch for your photographs. We therefore recommend that you are fit enough to be up & down, and happy to walk around. We limit the groups to a maximum of 15 students, so this ensures Darren can spend time with each of you.

What gear will I need?

The workshop is ideally only suited to photographers who own a DSLR camera (the ones with removable lenses). You can attend with a compact camera, but the training requires manual control and advanced feature settings, which just don’t exist on compact cameras. It would also be recommended that you have a longer range zoom lens (such as a 70-300mm), to best make the most of the flying elements of the workshop. Ideally, you’d have a short and a long zoom lens, or one that covers a range such as 28-200/300mm. It’s advisable to bring a lens cloth and suitable clothing/footwear for outdoor photography.

What is included?

The day includes an arrival hot drink, followed by around an hour of classroom tuition. The morning is then filled with a range of practical photography instruction using a range of non-flying animals. You get your lunch included, which is followed by an afternoon out in the meadow, where you will get to photograph a range of flying birds. Where possible, Darren will make every effort to set up the subjects in a natural way to give your images the best possible results. You will get to be up close and personal with the subjects, plus you’ll be in more natural areas away from the normal public access.

Cancellation policy

Sadly, we cannot control the weather for our photo days. This can mean that if the weather is especially challenging for photography, the day may not be able to run. We also reserve the right to cancel if we have not achieved a minimum booking of 8 students on a given day.