Photography Day June 3rd and 4th

Photography Day June 3rd and 4th


Product Description

Herrings Green Farm and Bird of Prey Centre is one of UK’s largest bird of prey centres. The centre is home to over 200 birds of prey varying in species of owls, hawks, eagles and falcons. Every year the centre attracts a huge amount of photographers, for this reason we are offering you the opportunity to join us on one of our photography days. The days are being held on June 3rd and 4th from 10.00am – 4.00pm.

On arrival you will be met by the falconers and over tea/coffee given an introduction on the centre. The falconers will be with you throughout the day, assisting in any way they can to ensure that you get the most natural of images in the most natural of surroundings. The centre and the farm provide us with many backdrops i.e. hay barn, fields, barn doors, willow trees; these backdrops are able to provide us with some great areas for great photographs. At 1.00pm we stop for lunch where you will be served a buffet of cold meats, mixed salads and fresh bread.  Lunch will be followed by a series of flying shots, starting with some of our slower flying birds before moving onto some of the faster species. The different species which will be included in your day are birds such as the American Bald Eagle, Great Grey Owl, Golden Eagle, Barn Owl, White Tailed Sea Eagle, falcons and hawks, to name just a few. We very much try to cater our photography days to our photographers needs so if there are any particular species you wish to photograph our falconers will always do their best to include them for you.

On completion of your day we then invite you to enter into our photography competition which will be held on July 9th at 11.00am. There is no charge to enter this competition and you are invited back to the centre as our guests to receive the results. All entries will be judged by Mr Peter Smart, professional wildlife photographer for Going Digital. All entries are to be posted to the centre no later than July 1st. First prize in the competition is a two day one to one photography experience, day one birds of prey and day two mini beasts, exotics and mammals. Second prize is a voucher worth £78.00 to spend on one of our experience half days.