Birds of the world – 3 hours

Birds of the world – 3 hours



Product Description

Birds of the World

Welcome to the world of Raptors! Travel around the world and meet, handle and free fly a variety of birds of prey. Your experience lasts for three hours, during that time come face to face with different species of owls, hawks, eagles and falcons, you will have the opportunity to hold some of the world’s most beautiful birds, feel their weight, see them up close and experience their power.

You will then go on to free fly some of the species including the American Bald Eagle, the graceful Barn Owl, go on a hawk walk around the fields with the Harris Hawk, Great Grey Owl, and many more.

Meet some of our more unusual species including our Ravens, Pied Crows, Spoonbill and European White Storks.

Entry into the birds of prey centre and activity farm is also included, so you are able to make a great day out of your visit.