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The English School of Falconry provides an opportunity for the novice to learn the basic skills necessary to practice the sport of falconry. What does it involve? Falconry is the art of taking wild quarry with a trained bird. The course will provide you with the ability to give it proper care and be able to fly it according to the best traditions of this ancient sport. Under the guidance of a practising falconer you will gain a better understanding of raptors and their relationship with man. Here are just a few points we shall cover during your course:

  • The birds themselves and the Law.
  • Health and disease.
  • Housing and the new arrival.
  • Flying Free.
  • Manning and early training.
  • Lost Hawks.
  • Food and weight charts.
  • General Management.
  • Imping and coping.
  • Bathing, feeding and casting.
  • Tools and equipment.
  • Expert Tuition.

Advance long wing and hawk courses are available on request. As much of the course is outdoors we recommend that you bring waterproof clothing and wellington boots plus a notepad and pencil. Due to responsibilities in handling birds of prey every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure guests handle sociable and amenable birds, their behaviour can be unpredictable, guests therefore participate at their own risk. Accommodation is available and details can be given upon request.

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Five Day, Two Day